Everybody knows Federal Express ships stuff and believe it is a reliable company to get the job done.  Well at least that’s what I thought until now.

On September 18 I shipped two cases of wine to one of my customers in Manhattan.  When the Fedex guy picked up the two cases, I asked if Fedex ships wines since the cases are fragile and easy to break.  The guy said ‘oh sure, no problem’.  I told him the two cases are quite heavy and please handle with care.  “Sure” replied the Fedex agent.  I assumed all is well and didn’t think much about it until my customer called a few days later and asked if I shipped the wine.

September 25, I called Fedex to followup on the shipment tracking since I had not heard anything about it and my customer is asking.  Fedex told me 1 case was damaged and was being ‘send back to shipper’ and they need to trace the second case.

September 26, I called and a Fedex agent told me the tracking case is now closed.  The shipment was damaged and will not be delivered and I should file a claim.  I filed the claim online right away.

October 7, I received a letter from Fedex dated 10/1 that the claim was denied because it did not meet Fedex requirement for shipping alcohol.  What requirement? So I called Fedex and spoke to a lady named “Daphne” from the claims department.  I was told that I need to have an agreement with Fedex in order to ship wine.  Since I don’t know about the agreement therefore don’t have it, my claim is denied.

I asked Daphne if this is Fedex policy then why didn’t the Fedex guy ask me if I have the agreement and allow to ship wine.  I specifically asked him if I can ship wine before he pick them up.  Daphne said the guy doesn’t have the information and only the claims department know that I don’t have the agreement in place.  In other words, Fedex will take my business and my money but will not assume any responsibility on the shipment even if it is Fedex’ mistake.

I asked Daphne what did Fedex do with my 2 cases of wine.  If they were damaged and couldn’t be deliver and I am not getting any reimbursement from Fedex, then I want my products back.  Daphne said the products were damaged and can’t be returned and I am to take the loss.  This is unacceptable and I asked to speak to her supervisor.  She kept on insisting that the supervisor will give me the same answer and there is nothing I can do.  I want to speak to a supervisor anyway.  Daphne took down my phone number and I am to get a call within 24-48 hours.  Also, I was told that I can’t email my case to Fedex and can only use phone call.

I filed a complaint on Fedex’ online forum anyway on October 7.  Next day, October 8, I received an email from Fedex saying the case is under review and they have routed it to the appropriated department for followup.

October 15, no one from Fedex call yet so I called again.  After few run around (>Gina>Keisha>Dennis>Tracy>Bridgett) finally talked to Bridgett, the supervisor.  She informed me that since I don’t have agreement to ship liquor, Fedex will not reimburse me but I can sign the agreement now then I can ship.  Really?  I told her my call is about what was damaged and what Fedex plans to do about it.  Going forward, my options are many and does not have to involve Fedex, especially with the experience I am having with this now.

I asked Bridgett what happened to the 2 cases of wine that was ‘damaged’.  What proof does she have that they were damaged and not ‘misplaced’ (like someone took them home if you know what I mean…it is liquor after all).  I asked her what is Fedex’ internal policy in terms of monitoring and tracking shipments.  I don’t understand why Fedex will gladly take my business and shipping fee but will not take any responsibility when it is their mistake that my shipment was damaged.  I again asked to escalate the case and to speak to her supervisor. I am told that I will get a call within 24-48 hours.  We will see about that.

I am at a loss as to how Fedex can get away with this.  They charged me the full price for the shipping cost (including insurance), damaged the product but didn’t say anything about it until I called to followup.  Then they told me that ‘oh sorry, we made the mistake and damaged your shipment but since you don’t have agreement with us, we will keep the shipping cost but you take the full loss.  And, by the way, you can sign the agreement with us now so we can have more business from you in the future.’

Is this how a reputable company handle business? Only concerns with generating revenue but does not take any responsibility? Why would anyone want to do business with Fedex?  UPS here I come!!

Stay tuned for further update on this ‘Fedex Nightmare Experience’ that you don’t want to have.