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Hello from Bangalore

I landed at the airport yesterday around 5 in the morning and checked into the hotel Vivanta by Taj at Whitefield.  My first impression coming out of the airport was it is cool (as in not too hot temperature) in Bangalore in July.  I learned that unlike Mumbai or Delhi, Bangalore has much milder weather and mostly pleasant year round.  And the new airport is about one hour from city center or much anything else.

This will be my longest stay in India so far for a total of 13 days, including travel time.  Plus I will be working (or trying to) the 9 to 5 U.S. hours.  I really hope this will be the last trip to India for a while.

I didn’t do too much on my first day here other than checked into the hotel and went to the office until 1 in the morning.  I did had breakfast/lunch at the hotel around 3 in the afternoon before heading out to the office.  I checked out the pool and spa facility and plan to use them during my stay.

I plan to do some sightseeing on the weekend.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Jan Dembowski

    As usual, take pictures. I’ll show you how to set up a gallery here when you come back. 😉

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