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CPA License

It is always part of my plan that one day I will be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). I finally did it. I just received my CPA license from the state of Colorado.

For most people, it is not too difficult (relatively speaking) to be a CPA. All you have to do is to get an undergraduate degree in Accounting, pass the CPA exam (very hard), and work for a public accounting firm for a couple of years.

For me, I did it the difficult way. I got my accounting undergraduate degree from Baruch and passed the CPA exam many years ago. But since I didn’t and will not work for a public accounting firm, I didn’t have the qualification the traditional way.

So I got my MBA in Finance from Fordham. Then, went back and got an advance certificate in Accounting this year. Now I have all the qualifications to be a CPA in the state of Colorado. They have something call the “education in lieu of experience” qualification for CPA in Colorado. So I did it. Another step on my life plan is complete.

Check back to find out what my life plan is soon.


  1. Frank Weathers

    I am trying to find the exact coursework requirements for the “education in lieu of experience” qualification for CPA in Colorado. Could you recommend a source for me. It appears that I may be close to meeting the requirements and do not wish to work for a public accounting firm.

    Thanks in advance,
    Frank Weathers
    Plano, Texas
    [e-mail removed]

  2. Jan Dembowski


    I’ve removed your e-mail address from the text as I don’t want my blog to be a place for spammers to harvest even gmail.com addresses.

    I’ll ask the wife if she could comment on this; if she does respond it will probably be via this comment area.


    Jan Dembowski

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