It is day 3 in Bangalore and I am slowly getting into a routine.  I was at work at 7 AM EST for both yesterday and today.  That’s 4:30 in the afternoon local time.  Yesterday was a long day.  When I got back to the hotel around 4 in the morning, I went straight to bed.  Then I got up a little after 9 (about 5 hours later) and made it to breakfast before they closed at 10:30.

I took a two-hour nap and went to the gym for an hour.  Then I went to work.  I can’t wait for the weekend.  It is a good thing that I only have to stay for another week.  Everyday just going between office and hotel and sleep is not fun.  Then have to work the grave yard shift makes it so much worst.

Two more days until weekend!!! Then it will be shopping and sightseeing!!!