Time flies when you are having fun or when you are so busy that there is no time to think but just go through the motions and tackle tasks after tasks and here we are. I am waiting at JFK for the flight to Mumbai.

It was a crazy weekend and crazy day.  Yesterday, Saturday, as usual, was always busy with the kids going to Chinese school, then swimming.  But yesterday I signed up to volunteer for manning the snack bar so Jan and I stayed at the Chinese school for the entire 3 hours.  Then we rushed home, fed the kids, and went on to swimming.  Then, we went to the mall and brought cards from Hallmark.

Today is Sunday and we springed forward which means we lost an hour.  Kids went to church and I went to Costco as usual.  Then we went to brunch for Grandma’s birthday.  We got home after 3pm and I had not even started packing for the 9 day trip.

I spent less than 2 hours packing and was ready to go by 6pm.  I seem to always work better under stress for some reason.

Since I have access to British Airways lounge, I even had pre flight dinner there.  It’s great service and stuff at the lounge, but I am not sure it’s really worth paying that much more on the ticket.

Anyhow, they are calling my flight now…on to London we go…then to Mumbai.