It’s Day 6 in Mumbai and today is Saturday.  The Hyatt I stayed at is close to the airport and office in Andheri, convenient to get to the office but nothing else to do if you don’t have a car.  Since I don’t have to go into the office for the weekend, I moved to the Taj Mahal Palace in central Mumbai.

The Taj is a very nice hotel, old world charm.  The location is great and it has a nice view.  My room was upgraded to a partial sea view room with balcony on the 16th floor.  The room is a bit smaller compare to the Hyatt and furnishing a little older but comfortable.  From my room and balcony, I can see part of the plaza and Gateway of India.

I didn’t bother to unpack since I am only staying for two nights.  My one piece luggage is so full I have to expand it in order to close it.  I don’t think I have room to fit more stuff in if I shop more.  I only brough a silk hand embroidered and hand painted king size bed spread, sarees for me and the girl, few pashmina shawls and a marble chess set.  Since I was rushed to pack in less than 2 hours, I have too much cloths and shoes that I don’t need.  Next time I have to start packing sooner so don’t bring unnecessary stuff.

I went for a walk after settle down for 30 minutes.  It was a short walk to the famous Colaba Causeway shopping street where lots and lots of street vendors setup shop on the sidewalk.  It’s sort of like Hong Kong’s Ladies market except it is not a dedicated market where the streets are close to auto traffic.  In Mumbai, all the shops are just on the sidewalk street where people walk and shop and there are many of them selling mostly the same things such as clothing, sandals, handbags, crafts, and cheap jewelry.  The price various greatly from shop to shop so bargain is absolutely necessary.

I was very good today and didn’t buy anything because I remembered the packing job I did this morning and there is no room for more stuff in the luggage.  But if I can find a way or maybe buy a bag, then I can get more stuff?!!  Humm…I have to check this out tomorrow.