It is Day 9 in Mumbai and I am ready to go home.  This is and will be a long day for me.  I started my day to the office at 11 in the morning.  My flight doesn’t leave Mumbai until 3 in the morning on Tuesday.  The good news is I will be back in NY at 1 in the afternoon.  The bad news is I have to go to work Wednesday for an important meeting.

Because I stayed in Mumbai for over a week this time, I have more time to explore the city and get to see and enjoy it better.  My impression of Mumbai is better and I can see why so many people love it.  Mumbai is almost like New York City but dirtier and more crowded, if you can imagine that!  Mumbai has the high-end stuff such as hotels, shops, etc. and it is relatively safe for travelers (although it may not seem that way since everyone seems to be staring at you on the streets and/or trying to sell you something).  It is definitely very dirty, dusty, and hot/humid.  If you love NYC, you will like Mumbai.

To me, Mumbai is like NYC and Hong Kong combine.  It has the familiarity and excitement of a big city, and also the exotic and aroma of a foreign country.  It certainly helps with the currency exchange rate of $1 to 50 rupees.  Mumbai’s infrastructure definitely can use some badly needed upgrade.  The streets are in bad shape, public transportation is not convenience if existed, and traffic is a nightmare but most people own a car if they can afford one.

I would love to visit Mumbai again if I have the opportunity.  There are many places to see and things to do still.  But, no place beats home when home is NY.  I am glad to be going home at last!!!