It is Friday night at 11:30 PM and it is day 5 of my trip to Bangalore.  It’s been a long week and I am so glad it will be over and the weekend starts soon.

I am still trying to finalize and firm up my plan for the weekend.  I love to go into city center for a short visit and shopping tomorrow.  Since I am getting out of work Saturday morning around 2am, I plan to start the short trip around noon.  Then plan a full day trip for Sunday.

There is a city called Mysore not too far from Bangalore.  It is the second biggest city for the state of Karnataka, after Bangalore.  It is said to have some of the best palaces and produces some of the best silk products in India.  It is a two hours drive from Bangalore so it will be a full day trip if I go.

I am hoping to meet up with a couple of people from work to go together.  They are from Mumbai so it’s also their first time to the city.  I will be better if I can go with someone I know on such a long trip just in case.

I hope the weather is nice tomorrow and Sunday.  It is forecast to rain tomorrow but cloudy for Sunday.  It is hard to believe that India is actually cooler than NYC.  It is only about 82 high and 65 low.  I have not use the hotel pool yet because the water is too cold.  I love hot weather and much prefer Mumbai’s temperature.